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The Scarlet Virgins Podcast

Mar 9, 2018

In this episode, Rebecca interviews her childhood Pastor from the small town LCMS congregation she attended for 18 years.

The discussion includes: Defining Law and Gospel, the three functions of the Law, balancing Law and Gospel, and answering the questions below.

What is a young person to do in the face of their friend's promiscuity?

Do you, as a pastor, regret any of your earlier teachings? Have they stayed consisted throughout your ministry?

The book of Revelation being abused (think #raptureanxiety)

What does a congregant do if their church is going down a bad, perhaps legalist, road?

What did you think of the application of Law and Gospel in Rachael Denhollander's case?

How do you determine how a person needs to hear more Law or Gospel? Is there a process or is it mostly just a feeling and experience? How do you ensure the Gospel predominates, as Walther says it must?

Some words for those who are spiritually homeless (those who do not have a church)

Did you ever notice I was being exposed and slipping into legalism?

Do you have any funny stories of me as a child?

(Featuring what happens when you forget your Latin book in Pastor's class.)

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